Christopher Wendt offers the most professional computer webmaster/technical support that I have ever experienced. Creative, efficient,and eminently trustworthy, I give Christopher Wendt my strongest possible recommendation.

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Professor, Franciscan University of Steubenville



“Christopher Wendt is an excellent web designer. I can and do recommend him for his creative ideas and his very exciting presentation of our Church on the web network. St. John’s Byzantine Cathedral in Munhall, Pa. is represented well on the web through his outstanding work.”

Fr. Dennis Bogda

Pastor at St. John’s Cathedral



“HyperDo Media has always been willing to tackle the difficult challenges of long distance computer program work. They are always available and are extremely pleasant and cooperative to work with. They find solutions.”

Francis Slobodnik

Office Manager at Foundation for Christian Civilization



“Christopher did a wonderful job from start to finish, completed the project on time and was very easy to work with. I recommend him and his company HyperDo Media for your next web design project.”

Daniel Clark

Director of Operations at Living Bread Radio



“HyperDo Media consulted, designed, and utilized the latest web technology when they built my website (www.smartlightingshop.com). They always worked within my budget, explained the pros and cons and educated me during the entire process. I have continued to utilize their services which include IT service work and web blasts utilizing a database they built for me.”

Pete Bunner

President of SmartLightingShop.com


“HyperDo Media solved a web problem for us that four other vendors couldn’t handle … and they did it quickly and at a great price. They are a highly ethical, knowledgeable and efficient web service provider. I highly recommend HyperDo Media.”

Lee Wishing

Administrative Director at The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College



“After working closely with Christopher almost daily for an entire year on the development of one of our three web sites, I find him to be one of the most valued sources we have ever found. His deep knowledge of the web, site development, business acumen and seriousness are attributes that are hard to find in one person. His task was neither easy nor small. It was to take an existing site, redesign it, and move in excess of 2,000 pages of articles along with a store and email list to the latest version of Joomla as smoothly and quickly as possible. It went extremely well. Anyone considering to hire him is welcome to call me to speak personally about our experience with him and what has been accomplished so far. 717-225-7147 X232”

Gary Isbell

General Manager for Foundation for Christian Civilization



“Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. recently rolled out its new web site at www.barges.us on October 1, 2010. Working with a team that included HyperDo Media was a wonderful experience and we are very happy with the end results of our new site. I would strongly recommend HyperDo Media for your web design and hosting requirements.”

Charles Minton

President at Campbell Transportation Company, Inc.



“HyperDo Media has a wonderful ability to create awesome and effective websites. They are very knowledgeable and skillful with all the work we contract them for.  It’s our pleasure to have a strong working relationship with HyperDo Media.”

Jim Wright

President at The Station of the Cross



“Christopher Wendt is quickly establishing himself and his company, HyperDo, Inc as the premier Catholic Web designer and Internet technician working in the Catholic Industry. Along with exemplary customer service he offers the highest level of web based services available.”

Alan Napleton

President at Catholic Marketing Network


“HyperDo Media has been a great help in the Web development of our organization at a reasonable price.”

Raymond Drake

President at American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property



“I contracted with HyperDo Media on behalf of a friend, to upgrade and fix a Joomla site in a variety of ways. HyperDo Media did a great job all around, going far beyond the call of duty, and delighting my friend, the real client. I can happily recommend HyperDo Media for this kind of web development and maintenance.”

Chris Ryland




“It is a pleasure to recommend Hyperdo Media. They introduced us to web solutions that not only provided versatility and options for future growth, they would save thousands of dollars as well. In addition, their experience with non-profits and faith based organizations provided them a valuable insight into our needs. Moreover, I appreciate the personal values they bring to their work, providing a work environment of trust and collaboration.”

Sean O’Malley

Web Designer at Relevant Radio



“Christopher Wendt is a knowledgeable and energetic Internet Site Developer and Service Provider. He works hard for his customer.”

Fra Roderic Burke




“Christopher Wendt is a reliable and insightful web developer. His expertise in the web makes his services very valuable in projecting a great web presence.”

Thomas McKenna

Founder and President at St. Gianna Physician’s Guild and Catholic Action for Faith and Family



“HyperDo Media has done a fabulous job for us. They did professional work – always striving for excellence.”

Michael Hernon

President of The Catholic Association



“I’ve been very satisfied with the work Third Millennium Media has received from HyperDo Media. I can heartily recommend you hire HyperDo Media to help you with your web and IT needs.”

Jerry Usher

Founder and President at Third Millennium Media



“Under the direction of Christopher Wendt, HyperDo Media provides effective web design and web maintenance services.

For those not fluent in computer tech lingo, Chris takes the necessary time to assure proper communication between client and web designer to achieve desired end results. Delving deep to understand his client’s web design & functionality needs, Christopher offered complex solutions in easy-to-understand terms. The resulting date base driven website is exactly what Mission Capodanno needed for mission success.”

Judy L. McCloskey

Founder and Director at MissionCapodanno.org



“Christopher is fair, honest, and extremely efficient. I have worked with him on a number of projects and can attest that his top priority is pleasing his customers and delivering outstanding service. If you need a beautiful, functional website, top-notch hosting, or any other related service, or have a question about the latest website technology, Christopher is your go-to guy. Highly recommended.”

David Brindle

Web Designer at BonaventureDesign.com



“HyperDo Media is a company that has helped me catapult our group’s web site, www.tfpstudentaction.org, to a new level. It is a pleasure to work with the company’s president Mr. Wendt and I highly recommend him and the services he offers.”

John Ritchie

TFP Student Action Director at TFP



“HyperDo Media designed and maintains the website for a nonprofit I am involved with. Their work is very professional. Because of the site’s functionality and visual appeal it has become our biggest tool for sharing our message.”

Joseph Burkett



“Christopher is a solid website developer and project manager who I highly recommend!

I have had the pleasure of working with him on more than one project, as I saw he delivered great work and value, and decided it was a “no-brainer” to hire him again.

He is very thorough, and pays great attention to details. His knowledge of WordPress and Joomla are extremely impressive.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire and work with him again.”

Geoff Peterson

Recruiting and Sourcing Leader, Social Media Consultant, Speaker & Trainer at General Lead



“Chris Wendt is a man of integrity with significant expertise as a website developer and web hosting provider. His expertise extends to Joomla, Word Press and Drupal, the premier open source, content management systems. I consider Chris a “go to guy”. He is prompt and professional with admirable, Christian values and a good work ethic. I develop marketing strategies and graphic design concepts for companies and nonprofit organizations. With Chris’s expertise we turn strategy and graphic elements into world class, technically advanced websites which serve our clients. Chris doesn’t nickel-dime me when minor problems arise. He is mature and seasoned enough to sustain a good, business relationship. I enjoy working with Chris and am glad he is part of my virtual team.”

Ray Speicher

Sales, Marketing, Fund Raising and Online Business Development consultant at Target Acquisition



“I was developing a web site for the Karate studio I train at. The owners chose to have HyperDo Media host the site while I developed it. Although HyperDo Media was just hosting the site, they met with the studio owners and myself to help us see what the possibilities for the site were. I never used Joomla before, so HyperDo Media helped direct me to the best resources. When I was stuck on a problem on the site, they quickly answered my email questions and at times corrected the problem themselves. As two others started to help with the development, HyperDo Media aided them in learning Joomla. We all have been very impressed with their willingness to help us, their knowledge of Joomla, and their clear explanation.”

Ed Kovach

Rine Karate Studios



“Christopher helped us take an our outdated website and bring it into the 21st Century; CatholicBook.net. He also helped us build a new website for LivingBreadRadio.com

Barbara Gaskell




“Christopher has worked with us at Mission Capodanno for a long time and our relationship has been a good and beneficial one to all. He is quick to respond to whatever we need, and is unfailingly helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I can heartily recommend him as someone we are very thankful to be working with – in every way.”

Christine Pesta




“Christopher offers good products and strong value. I greatly enjoyed working with him on multiple projects. He is a hard worker and a trustworthy businessman. I endorse him as a great choice for your web-based needs.”

Jim Havens


“Christopher and HyperDo Media not only set a standard for technical excellence in their arena of web development, you can expect from them what is often lacking with other web-development companies… clear and timely communications, reliability, and integrity; their outstanding reputation is built upon a foundation of putting people first. If you contract them, you will certainly be back.”

Gregory Schlueter


“Chris is hosting/designing a website I’m involved with. He’s answered my continual questions with patience, vigor and superior expertise. When I run into another wall, he knocks it down for me. His professionalism and high level of knowlege has made my role as a site administrator much much easier.”

Mark Marino


“Christopher has helped us greatly over the last few years. He has helped us in so many areas to get our website launched and has helped us improve the site over the years. He is very knowledgeable and is always quick to respond. He is an honest and upstanding businessman. I would recommend him and his company for your web design and hosting needs.”

Chris Gerien

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