Learning Management Systems

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Choose to e-school your students.

Ever thought about founding an online school? Do you need a training course for your employees? Or do you want to post and grade tests for your students online? If the answer is yes, then what you need is a learning management system.

Whatever your goals are, HyperDo makes e-learning possible. You can develop those online courses, grade those tests and communicate with your students. And no matter where your students or employees may be, you can be sure that they are receiving the education they need.

HyperDo will help you develop an LMS (learning management system) that corresponds to your needs and integrates flawlessly with your website. You can generate courses, lessons, surveys, tests and quizzes, accept tuition payments, and more. Describe your course to us, and we’ll help you build it.

HyperDo develops the perfect LMS using two main systems: eFront and Moodle.


eFront is a user-intuitive LMS with an icon-oriented management system and smooth content control. Tasks and features are categorized neatly for easy searching, and student registration, teachers and administrators are yours to control. You choose who creates course content, or create it yourself. Some other features of eFront are:

  • social tools, including comments, user log-ins and statuses, timelines…
  • reports and analytics – you can generate them, file them, retrieve them
  • text editor, so you can upload images, embed videos and quote sources, keeping your lessons interesting and visually appealing
  • excellent test engine, so you can keep track of each student, individual tests and quizzes, and overall progress
  • and much more – you should read the whole list

If eFront works well for you, HyperDo will integrate your site with this LMS and guide you in its use. eFront is easy to learn, and you will be generating courses in minutes.

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