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You’re proactive. Prompt your audience to be the same.

You’re in the know. You have tabs on pressing issues and you want to share the word. You want your friends and audience to know that they can be heard, that taking action is possible. And with a resource such as the web on hand, how can that be hard?

At HyperDo, we have the tools to harness the web and all the resources available – to create compelling call-to-action buttons that encourage your audience to take action with a simple click.

Using form-building applications and social media integration, we’ll create an easy, 3-step process to:

  • engage your target audience and provide them with an action link
  • encourage your audience to share the link with friends via social media
  • finish with a secure, hassle-free donation page to encourage revenue from generous givers

Ready, set, act.

Proactive and counting.

Stop the Birth Control Mandate is a micro, petition-based site sponsored by St. Gianna Physician’s Guild, dedicated to one issue: promoting action against the Obama Mandate. Since its creation it has added 27,000 names to the petition.

HyperDo developed the activist function of this site through custom application building and integrated it with social media to guide further traffic and action. The site functions around a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Visitors fill out their information and their names are added to the petition
  2. They receive a “thank you” for taking action
  3. They are taken to a page where they are encouraged to make a donation

Contact us today to get started on a similar site. What’s your movement?


Signature action.

When an out-of-state atheistic group demanded that the city of Steubenville remove the cross from its logo, HyperDo responded to the attack on cultural freedom by sponsoring and creating the Keep the Logo activist site. HyperDo integrated social media for optimal sharing and a simple, one-step petition platform to create this dynamic response. Visitors see a “thank you” page when they submit their signatures, and a Facebook news sidebar keeps them updated about the events surrounding the controversy.

HyperDo created this activism site within two days. Do you need a compelling action platform under a tight deadline? Let us know. We’ve done it before – and we’ll gladly do it again.



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