Case Study – Marriage Matters Social Media Integration

Case Study – Marriage Matters Social Media Integration2012-03-28T19:50:19+00:00

We can’t stress it enough.

Building a social network is integral to the success of your site. Integrating your CMS with social media generates traffic and exposure that your site would otherwise never see.

Take the Marriage Matters blog, for example. Each of their posts is stocked with social icons.









We have options here: Facebook, Twitter, Facebook like, Google public recommends, and a green “share” tab to provide email and Yahoo sharing options as well.

Let’s pick one. If you click on the Facebook icon, for example, you see this:













Click on the “Share Link” button in the bottom right corner, and your friends will immediately see the link when they log into their own Facebook account and scroll down the homepage. When they click on it, it directs them to the Marriage Matters blog article. You’ve just become a traffic guide – you’ve introduced someone new to a great site.

This can happen to your website, too. Social media is a powerful tool. Ask us today how to start using it to boost the volume to your site.

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