Keep bad company out.

Maybe you’re concerned about the amount of private and personal information that goes on the internet. You want to provide security to your own clients’ personal information, ID’s and passwords. You’re also probably aware of the nightmares that spammers and viruses can create, especially if your site is inexplicably blacklisted.

Your concerns are completely valid.

We understand how important privacy and security are to our clients. That’s why HyperDo uses SiteLock – a website security technology that vigilantly monitors and defends your site from attack, both within and without.

Good company. In. 

SiteLock covers you in more ways than one:

  • It scans your site and protects it from malware before Google can find fault or blacklist your website – your site will display a SiteLock tag, informing you of the most recent date and status of every scan
  • It tests each input box in your website to flush out any hacking attempts and fortify your inputs from break-through
  • It uses cross scripting (XXS) to protect appropriate ports and alerts you of suspicious openings

And the above are just a few of SiteLock’s promises.

No worries.

SiteLock is a powerful defense against unwanted attention. If you’re still in doubt or have questions, give us a call. We’re as concerned about your security as you are.




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Catholic Advocate is a site dedicated to promoting Catholic participation in politics. They encourage and engage, providing viewers with news updates and action links so that they can become involved.

HyperDo built this site around a comprehensive web-development package:

  • Logo: HyperDo created a proactive logo that is unique and iconic for Catholic Advocate’s mission.
  • Branding: similar to the logo, the branding is intimately tied in with Catholic Advocate’s presentation and mission. The result is a stellar appearance that is at once welcoming and engaging.
  • CMS: HyperDo built the site around WordPress, PHP and MySQL, creating a site that is completely tailored to the client’s vision. We also provided Catholic Advocate with an article slide, so not only does the client control what content goes in, they also control a key component of the site’s presentation, easily. Catholic Advocate can update their site whenever they want, however they want.
  • Security: Catholic Advocate has a lot of enemies, among them spammers and hackers, just to name a few. To protect their site from unwanted attention, HyperDo defended it with SiteLock, a bullet-proof web security system that daily monitors the site for vulnerabilities and potential threats.

HyperDo also integrated Catholic Advocate with Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the power of social networking, one article alone saw 674 shares on Facebook![/toggle]

Saving web-face.

The Sisters of Life needed their website cleaned and monitored after it was broken into by a pharma hack. The attack was damaging – it tinted their keyword search on Google and affected the donation page. Concerned about their website security, the Sisters of Life contacted HyperDo for a solution.

We blasted their site clean with a Sucuri sweep and a 24/7 monitoring label on the website that assures both the religious order and their visitors of the site’s security. There have been no issues since. Look for the Sucuri logo on their homepage below.



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