Live Event Streaming…Streaming You.

UStream is a powerful conduit for live coverage of any event, whether it be a conference, concert or liturgical service. With UStream websites can stream their live video content to viewers anywhere in the world.

At HyperDo, we’re huge fans of UStream and live event streaming, so we’ll use it whenever we need that reliable coverage.

UStream essentially functions out of a backpack: it provides users with 6 data modems that are load-balanced with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. When it is completely loaded, UStream will fire high-quality video up to 1Mbps for 6 hours directly into your site.

We also record that live event streaming, so that you can view it later, over and over again. See a recorded event here.

Intrigued? Want to learn more about live event streaming? You have our number. Give us a call sometime.

Be there.

Once embedded in your website, UStream will look similar to this:

Mobile installation: UStream has been installed in Vision & Values’ website directly, so wherever there is a lap top, there is a live video feed. In this case, the video is streaming live from a luncheon.

Live Broadcasting | HyperDo Media

This is a closer view of UStream:

Live Broadcasting | HyperDo Media

Stationary installation: this is the interior of St. John’s Byzantine Catholic Cathedral. The web cam has been installed where the cantor would normally stand, providing a central view of the altar. Audio is provided directly from the mic. This live stream runs 24/7 and has been viewed by over 500 people.

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