Sweet beans.

PodBean is more expensive than Amazon S3, but it provides you with iTunes integration automatically and, consequently, more exposure. It’s a powerful host for your audio and video files and can be integrated beautifully with your site.

Publishing your podcasts is effortless and based around a simple, 3-step system. Promoting them is simple, too: PodBean provides promotion tools including iTunes previews and statistics. Some other features are:

  • monthly storage increases – no need to worry about running against storage walls
  • customizable themes – tailored to your fit
  • android app
  • mobile access – everyone else is going mobile and now, you can, too
  • integrated feed generation
  • income opportunities – you can sell merchandise, offer paid subscriptions allow for ads
  • embedding – your podcasts don’t need to remain on your webpages, they can be embedded in emails, other websites and and blogs easily. Share, share alike.

Questions? Let us know. We’re here to answer them.

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