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Amazon S3AmazonS3: the CDN of a major company is at your disposal.

Amazon S3 allows our developers the same inexpensive, fast, secure and accessible network that Amazon uses to run its own global website. With this CDN (content delivery network) your site delivers heavier content such as audio, video, high resolution images, and PDFs on an as-needed basis –  for a fraction of the cost.

The interface is simple to use and the amount of storage is practically limitless, including storage for single files up to 5 terabytes in size!

All data can be organized in and retrieved from “buckets”, to which only HyperDo or you will have the key. Your data is safe with maximum security at all times. The buckets themselves can be stored in any region you wish and will not be transferred unless you do the transferring yourself. Some other features of Amazon S3 are:

  • authentication mechanisms – they serve as bouncers, so no one but the admin has access
  • security options for archived data
  • REST and SOAP interfaces for integration with any web development package
  • flexibility – add functional or protocol layers any time
  • perform deletions en masse, with multiple options provided according to your preference
  • solid reliability

Feel free to contact us to learn more on how Amazon S3 can serve your needs. You know where to find us.

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