This shopping cart is hi-tech.

At HyperDo, we’re experts in WordPress and WP plug-ins. Cart66 is one of those plug-ins: a stream-lined, feature-packed ecommerce application that is easy to install and effortless to use. Whether you’re the merchant or the customer, the benefits of Cart66 are breath-taking:

  • Sell products, digital or physical
  • Cart66 upgrades automatically whenever the technology improves. It’s like having a brilliant inventor in your basement.
  • Receive a full year of free online support
  • List your WP site as a membership site so that you can sell subscription access
  • Track inventory, sales reports, choose target audiences…

And much more.


Another beautiful thing about Cart66 is that it completely blends into your site – no need for theme-changes or restructure. When it comes to managing your content, you will find that Cart66 is easy to use: you can post product, customize fields and manage orders with an interface that is basic and smooth.

Click here for the complete list of Cart66 features. And call us anytime – we love talking shop.

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