The perfect eCommerce solution.

Imagine your ideal store: easy to create, packed with stunning branding and graphics, easy navigability, unlimited features, and with social media integration thrown in for free.

You want a custom store, too – not just a shared template with features you’d rather drop, but a store that expresses your company, markets your product and compels your customers to come back.

This is what happens when HyperDo Media meets PinnacleCart.

3 Stores for 1 price.

With PinnacleCart, you will receive a website storefront, Facebook and mobile store – all within one affordable package.

Then, HyperDo takes you to the next level by providing custom design and branding for each. So not only are you accessible and selling on multiple fronts, your stores are unique, uniform and professional as well.

Unlimited features.

When HyperDo develops your online store, you can expect

  • Mobility – your store sells, whether customers are on the PC, iPad or iPhone
  • Social Media Integration – sharing, liking and buying products was never easier
  • Shipping
  • Secure Check-out
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Order tracking
  • Wishlists
  • Customer retention
  • And much, much more

Check out a few examples of our clients’ stunning stores below. Or, if the features were compelling enough, contact us by filling out the form below.

This could be you.

Your online store should be more than simply a window into your product – it should be an experience. You want your logo and branding to be integrated throughout, for the atmosphere to be attractive and compelling, and for the purchase process to be a breeze from the cart to the card.

Here’s an example of how your online store might look. We integrated YDisciple with a custom store, blending their logo and branding with the store itself.

Online Store | HyperDo Media


This is their shopping cart:


Online Store | HyperDo Media


Look good? We’re ready to start building your store when you are.

Is there such a thing as too many products or features? We don’t think so.

Catholic to the Max is an online store that started out with a simple POS system and basic eCommerce features. They wanted to upgrade their store into something more efficient, secure, marketable, and bursting with features. HyperDo helped them accomplish this goal, migrating over 10,000 products from the old site to the new in the process.

To create the ultimate online store, HyperDo provided Catholic to the Max with:

Interspire shopping cart integration
Mobile development
Social media integration

Check out the results below:


This is their shopping cart:



If this looks good to you, check out a complete list of eCommerce features here. Or contact us by filling out the form below. Or both!

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