My Consecration | A Case Study of App Development

My Consecration | A Case Study of App Development2012-03-22T14:00:06+00:00

Apping is possible. App Development | HyperDo Media

HyperDo developed a consecration app for, allowing users to download materials for free and make the consecration from their iPhone, iPad or Android. Because of this, the consecration is available not only to organizations, groups or parishes, but to individuals as well – no matter where they are or what day it is.

Facebook integrated.

Not only does the app place the consecration directly into anyone’s hands, it is integrated with Facebook. Anyone making or renewing the consecration can share the information to Facebook, allowing friends to follow each other’s status or do the consecration together.


The app is customizable to the date and time a person wants to begin the consecration. They can also set reminders on their iPhone or iPad which will alert them whenever necessary.

You can see more of the app here.

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