Custom Web Banners

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Keep the good things going.

So, you’ve achieved terrific rapport with your clientele. Or maybe you’re still building the relationship through consistent brand strategy. Either way, now is a good time to develop custom web banners.

Custom web banners express your memorable branding and come with multiple embed codes for optimal placement. Your customer chooses the embed code that works for their site, places it in a side bar and voila! Their visitors have an instant link to your website.

Get exposure.

At HyperDo, not only do we help you achieve a loyal audience – we provide you with the tools for growing that audience. We bring our stunning custom design abilities to web banners for that extra “share” push. Combine your branding with a gorgeous banner that your client would be proud to feature on his or her blog, and you have a valuable traffic portal.

Check out a sample below, and contact us anytime.

Thought they were old-fashioned? Think again.

Unlike a billboard, banners can go anywhere, making them a versatile promo-piece. wanted to create a banner that visitors could embed into their own websites. All a visitor has to do is copy the embed code and place it in the HTML of their own site. Once the banner is embedded, anyone can access the valuable material distributor simply by clicking on it.

HyperDo created multiple versions of the banner and provided the embed code of each one, so that regardless of the style of a visitor’s website, the banner fits beautifully.

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