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DVD Promotion WebsiteShare your film.

You have a great DVD that needs just exposure. How do you effectively and efficiently promote it on the web? Well, let’s talk about DVD promotion web design.

At HyperDo, we’re experts in web design and social media integration, so DVD promotion comes second nature to us. We will design a stunning site that is oriented to promoting and selling your DVD. Any feature you can think of, from branding to trailers to secure payment gateways, will be installed seamlessly with your site for an experience that is at once performance-driven and interactive.

Still planning to debut and share your film? Let’s roll out the red carpet.

If you would like a visual, check out an example of our work below:

The primary goal of Amsterdam Apparitions is to promote a DVD about recent apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, while also providing relevant articles and resources. HyperDo helped Amsterdam Apparitions through the multifaceted process of DVD promotion and viewer engagement, creating a custom theme that included both home and interior pages.

HyperDo achieved Amsterdam Apparitions’ vision via:

  • WordPress: WP has taken the lead in CMS, thanks to its versatility and universality. With WP, HyperDo designed Amsterdam Apparitions’ site exactly the way they wanted, and also gave them a CMS that is easy to update.
  • Ease of video access and viewer response: An important element to any promotion is not only exciting interest but engaging interest. To create a compelling and simple motivation for taking action, HyperDo embedded the video in the center of the home page using Vimeo, and created two action tabs on either side: one for the Prayer Card download, the other for Petition. The objective is at once clear and inviting, and response is effortless.
  • Data migration: HyperDo also migrated data from Amsterdam’s previous site to the new, fashioning each article and piece of copy according to their preference.
  • Breezy navigability: The theme acts similar to a funnel, bringing the viewers’ focus to the center of the site, and ultimately providing a simple navigation interface.
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