The Art of Catholic Online Advertising

The Art of Catholic Online Advertising2015-07-24T23:35:31+00:00

Your faith.
Your market.
Our artistry.

With an audience 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, how can your business’s advertising help you stand out from the competition? And how can you trust that your brand is being advertised on family friendly sites? If you’re like many Catholic individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations, finding ways to effectively advertise online can be a painstaking chore.

That’s where we come in.

HyperDo is a web agency that specializes in giving your Catholic website an edge above the competition. We have over 40 years of combined experience in online advertising, with tools that live up to today’s industry standard and deliver high quality ads for your business. Whether your target audience is your local diocese or an international community, we make standing out from the competition easier than you thought.

We partner with CatholicAdNet, a trusted network of Catholic companies, magazines, and companies that help you reach millions in the digital world. With CatholicAdNet, we use a variety of technologies to target and optimize ad campaigns for both advertisers and publishers. You’ll never have to worry about inappropriate content knowing that all ads and sites are manually verified by CatholicAdNet to be consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Advertise with peace of mind.

We’ll also help your business with paid advertising, getting your site’s name advertised at the top of the most frequently visited Catholic sites. And with publisher reporting, your company’s advertising stays in your hands, letting you manage how your ads are doing yourself. We put the world of advertising into your hands, helping you launch your own advertising and connect your brand to the Catholic community.

Maybe you’re trying to get the word out about a Catholic movie or movement. We’ll help you by planning a 3 to 6 month campaign to spread the word and help your content saturate.

We’ll put the Catholic world at your business’s fingertips by promoting your brand or product to the top Catholic venues, the 150 most popular Catholic blogs, and to our list of nearly 200 Catholic diocesan and national publications. Our unparalleled methods will help your site gain traffic and give your business an edge above the competition.

With us, it’s easy to gain international brand awareness. Let us help you grow an organic community of dedicated and invested visitors that truly lives up to the Creed: “One, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.”

HyperDo Catholic online advertising is trusted by many major Catholic brands in the world. Will you join them?

Contact us at any time to get started.

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