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Together with a team of talented web developers, HyperDo created a site for The Center for Vision & Values dedicated to posting, promoting and providing registration for their many events. Because the site is built around Eventbrite, it is packed with event features, such as ticket purchase, links to future events, host contact, and much more.

The Center for Vision & Values needed a page from which they could manage events and registration, as well as direct interested traffic. HyperDo integrated WordPress with Eventbrite to provide directions, lodging, registration, conference information and event news as well. Visitors can learn about the events and order tickets, as well as keep tabs on future conferences. The site is linked to the Center’s homepage for easy return or access to the main site and also features a sidebar with content similar to the sidebar content of the home page. Because the Events site displays the same logo, branding and sidebar, visitors never feel as though they’ve left the site, and access to the home page is provided by multiple portals.

Like the Center for Vision & Values’ homepage, the Events site is also integrated with social media: there is Facebook access in the sidebar as well.

The Events site functions primarily as an events resource for both the Center and their visitors, while retaining the same look and feel as the homepage. The result is two dynamic sites, both closely linked, and both providing the think tank with powerful network and resource capabilities for their target audiences.

In conjunction with a dedicated team, HyperDo created this site around:

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