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Video Series

Bethlehem Hermits is a site intended to promote, introduce and guide potential vocations to the life of hermitage, a vocation re-instituted by Pope John Paul II. The site was begun by Fr. Eugene Romano, whose unique vocation was among the first to be approved. HyperDo created a site that echoes the simplicity and quiet of the contemplative life.

The hermitage way of life is portrayed in a DVD, which Fr. Romano wanted segmented into a video series and embedded in the site.

HyperDo accomplished this, breaking up the DVD into short, 3-minutes video sections.

We also loaded the site with books and digital marketing materials, providing plenty of resources to educate potential candidates about the hermitage.

The site is easy to navigate, and though simple in appearance, it is the ideal web portal into a life of contemplation.

HyperDo built the site around:

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