Tradition, Property and Family

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Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is an organization of dedicated lay Catholics who strive to alert their fellow citizens to the presence of corruption in society and to encourage them to witness against it. They wanted to migrate old content to a new site, while maintaining the same look and feel as their previous one.

HyperDo welcomed the challenge, creating a custom site with the following platform:

  • Joomla!
  • PHP
  • MySQL

HyperDo brought TFP from a static environment to a dynamic one and succeeded in keeping the logo, branding and atmosphere the same as before. We migrated 2,000 articles in the process.

HyperDo also developed a cutting-edge donation system for TFP utilizing ChronoForms. This application provides them and their donors with plenty of options and promises PCI compliance, thanks to We also integrated all transactions into a PIK system.

Using Interspire Marketing, HyperDo developed custom email marketing for TFP, enabling them to effectively stay in touch with hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Throughout the development of their website, TFP had very specific demands, from the magazine layout to a particular type of article slider. Through much consultation and feedback, HyperDo succeeded in accomplishing everything they desired.

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