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The Smart Lighting Shop is a small business in Richmond, OH, founded by entrepreneur Pete Bunner. Pete wanted to create an informative site that would educate and create a customer base by providing detailed information about LED high-efficiency lighting. He also wanted an online store from which he could securely and efficiently manage his transactions.

HyperDo customized Pete’s site according to his vision and requirements, providing him with a CMS that is easy to update and is replete with articles and links about LED lighting. We worked closely with him to design iconic logo and branding that would stand out in the minds of his customers and his competition.

HyperDo also integrated the Smart Lighting Shop with powerful social media tools. Customers can share the site and its products with friends, both from their computers and their mobile phones and tablets. The Smart Lighting Shop is completely mobile-friendly. To further building a network  for Pete, HyperDo provided SEO services, building links and optimizing his site for search engines.

The store was created using Interspire, a feature-packed online store platform that goes above and beyond the needs of Pete and his customers. The store meets all PCI compliance standards, thanks to

HyperDo built this site using:

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