Scorecard is a dynamic custom resource that was created for Catholic Advocate. The site features the profiles and political stances of 535 members of Congress on the top 12 issues concerning religious non-profit organizations.

To help Catholic Advocate realize their vision for a powerful political resource, HyperDo custom-built this site using a rewarding integration of the following platforms:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Sunlight API

Sunlight API allows users access to live data on their representatives, enabling information on top performers in Congress and Senate and voting records. By blending this resource with AJAX we created a platform which allows the user to view representatives and their performance stats, contact information and voting record, and to share their information via FaceBook. All with one click.

HyperDo controlled the web interactions with AJAX and jQuery, resulting in an interactive site with instantaneous data display.

Scorecard is a remarkably simple, yet valuable resource to Catholic Advocate, and thanks to its navigability and live database, and it has had coverage on Fox News.

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