Pinnacle Advisory

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Pinnacle Advisory is an investment firm dedicated to providing personable wealth and investment planning. They wanted a modern site that featured the faces of their employees, demonstrating their commitment to personable service.

HyperDo developed their site using WordPress, providing a professional layout, an easy CMS and an ideal blog host all at once. Pinnacle Advisory’s writers can all work as users and post their content without hassle.

HyperDo built the sidebar so that it features the Pinnacle Team prominently and created a video page that hosts interviews with the planners and advisors, providing visitors with the faces of their planners and demonstrating the company’s personable character.

Pinnacle Advisory had very specific requests and needs when it came to their website. HyperDo met all of them, tweaking infrastructure and CSS down to the pixel.

HyperDo crafted this sharp professional site using:

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