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My Consecration is a non-profit warehouse of religious material, providing religious groups, churches and parishes with all the resources they need for Marian Consecration at no cost. My Consecration needed a website that could support their mission requirements, and HyperDo provided the experience and service necessary to do it.

To help My Consecration accomplish their mission, HyperDo provided:

  • Shipping integration with DAS Inc., a Fortune 500 distribution company. When a customer submits a request form, the request is forwarded directly to DAS Inc. and immediately shipped upon reception – all without dragging the customer to another site or even making them aware of the process.
  • Banners to help with promoting the materials to other sites
  • A consecration app for iPhones, iPads and Androids, and made the website mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Social media integration so that customers could follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the web prowess of HyperDo, My Consecration has received about 4,000 requests as of March 2012. On March 22, MyConsecration was featured on EWTN.

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