The Minnesota Catholic Conference of Bishops wanted a site with molecular control of widgetized areas and absolute content management. They also wanted a tighter presentation and better readability – their previous site resembled post-it notes floating over a dark background. HyperDo welcomed the challenge and crafted a site around a WP platform and an original theme.

HyperDo optimized the site around the following platforms:

  • WordPress: HyperDo created a dynamic site based on WP categories and widgets Articles and media resources (such as audio and video) were categorized on the pages in “buckets”, and the Marriage Matters blog, which uses opinion pieces to drive traffic to the site, was integrated into the new layout. This dynamically tightened readability, content control and navigation into a single function.
  • Social media integration: HyperDo also integrated Facebook, Twitter and an RSS feed into the new site.
  • CapWiz:Avenues for social and political action were created using CapWiz, which enables viewers to take action or directly contact their representatives. HyperDo took advantage of the versatility of CapWiz to customize its function with MNCC’s unique theme and requirements.

Maintaining the dark revolving background proved a challenge, but HyperDo addressed this by decreasing the images’ opacity. The result is a crisper, more interactive site that is appealing to viewers, and easily updated by MNCC.



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