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Logo & Branding | HyperDo Media

Logo and Branding

Complete Catholicism is  intended to engage culture and analyze contemporary news and issues. HyperDo created a custom site, including the logo and branding, that enabled them to accomplish this effectively and easily.

HyperDo developed this dynamic site with Joomla!, creating a CMS that supported images, videos, art, articles and links, as well as provided some advertising space. The CMS makes posting new content smooth and easy, automatically resizing images so that the editors of Complete Catholicism don’t have to.

HyperDo created a searchable archive space for all Complete Catholicism’s posts, and also developed the logo and branding for their site. The logo, which was designed according to the editors’ preferences, is purposely iconic: it prominently displays St. Peter with the keys of authority and the elevated text “Catholicism”, demonstrating the site’s adherence to authentic Catholic belief.

Complete Catholicism is a bright, visitor-friendly resource, easy to navigate and engaging to browse.

HyperDo built the site around the following platform:

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