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Customized Email Marketing

America Needs Fatima is a site dedicated to promoting the requests, warnings and admonitions of the apparitions of Fatima in America. It relies on email marketing and action links to encourage and engage their viewers, and they needed a site that provided the cutting-edge technologies and software to accomplish their goals.

HyperDo provided this cutting-edge technology through such services as:

  • Customized Email Marketing: HyperDo developed a logo and branding which were integrated into America Needs Fatima’s email marketing system, along with custom features according to the client’s needs and preferences.
  • Email Marketing and Action Link strategies: HyperDo consulted with America Needs Fatima to optimize their success through savvy mailing lists and delivery, and to sharpen engagement through autoresponding emails, non-profit activism and revolutionaries. One of the strategies is to offer free booklets, videos and prayer cards for those who subscribe to a mailing list.
  • Secure and Sleek Donation systems: HyperDo developed and integrated the most up-to-date donate systems using AJAX and SSL coding. Thanks to this technology, not only is it easy for donors to make their gifts, but the Director of Development can track the proceeds, who has donated and to whom, and generate reports for the IRS.
  • Social Media integration: America Needs Fatima is completely integrated with Facebook and Twitter, creating a vibrant social network around the site.

America Needs Fatima is packed with the latest tools and technology, enabling the site to accomplish and excel in its dedicated purpose.

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