Catholic ID

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This unique, one-product site was designed to provide Catholics with IDs, so that, upon being identified as such, they would receive priestly attention and the proper Sacraments in times of need or emergency.

Catholic ID allows customers to order their ID using either PayPal or credit card, so the site is PCI compliant. If a customer chooses to use their credit card, they don’t leave the site – the entire process is easily and securely completed within the site’s payment gateway. In order to provide these options for customers, HyperDo developed Catholic ID with Joomla! ChronoForm, a form-building software which runs inside Joomla and includes an plug-in. ChronoForm supports multiple database tables and SEO urls.

HyperDo designed the site with customizable email marketing and an information database, as well as an integrated Facebook site. Customers can buy the ID both from the homepage and from Facebook, or use the social media to share the product with friends.

HyperDo built this site using the following platforms:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Joomla! ChronoForm loading software
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