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Catholic Advocate is a site dedicated to promoting Catholic participation in politics. They encourage and engage, providing viewers with news updates and action links so that they can become involved.

HyperDo built this site around a comprehensive web-development package:

  • Logo: HyperDo created a proactive logo that is unique and iconic for Catholic Advocate’s mission.
  • Branding: similar to the logo, the branding is intimately tied in with Catholic Advocate’s presentation and mission. The result is a stellar appearance that is at once welcoming and engaging.
  • CMS: HyperDo built the site around WordPress, PHP and MySQL, creating a site that is completely tailored to the client’s vision. We also provided Catholic Advocate with an article slide, so not only does the client control what content goes in, they also control a key component of the site’s presentation, easily. Catholic Advocate can update their site whenever they want, however they want.
  • Security: Catholic Advocate has a lot of enemies, among them spammers and hackers, just to name a few. To protect their site from unwanted attention, HyperDo defended it with SiteLock, a bullet-proof web security system that daily monitors the site for vulnerabilities and potential threats.

HyperDo also integrated Catholic Advocate with Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the power of social networking, one article alone saw 674 shares on Facebook!

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