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Augustine Institute | Application Building2012-03-29T19:44:04+00:00

HyperDo accepted system administration of the Augustine Institute (a catechetical Catholic college in Denver, CO) from a previous developer and fine-tuned its inherent qualities for optimal performance. We created their registration forms with our application building services and installed an online store with cutting-edge features and maximum security. You can see the application form in action here.

We also optimized the site so that it performed admirably in all browsers. Internet Explorer 7 made the Institute’s homepage appear distorted and past attempts to fix the problem had exasperated it. HyperDo re-engineered and validated the navigation so that Augustine Institute worked beautifully in IE7 and every browser.

HyperDo also integrated Augustine Institute an interactive LMS using Moodle, creating a platform of lessons, tests and interaction between the students and their professors. Like eFront, Moodle is another quality LMS and compatible with all lesson types and websites. Moodle is an open source software, so it’s continually being updated and improved, which means that the interface of Augustine’s courses will be, too.

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