How Important is the new Googlebot Announcement from Last Week for your SEO Ranking? (HINT – don’t ignore it!)

Last week you and I and millions of other site owners received the Googlebot announcement which said that the "Googlebot Cannot Access Your JavaScript and CSS Files." A week has gone by and does it [...]

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Content Management System Sanity Check – Drupal? Joomla? WordPress? What CMS road are you on?

It never hurts to double-check what road you are on, especially if it costs you money.  In a sense a content management system (CMS) is a digital road your non-profit organization or business is taking. [...]

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How to Make Your Site Make You Money: 10 Steps You Need to Follow

Behind every successful website is a loyal audience.People who are attracted to and believe in your product will follow you anywhere – and they’ll promote you among their friends, too. So [...]

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