Future of the Web, Part One: Who’s Doing What on the Web

It’s time to look at mobile marketing.

The future of the web isn’t coming – it’s here. Thanks to Microsoft’s recent infograph, there are some quick facts and numbers regarding mobile users and how they’re using the web. You’ll want to pay attention because mobile phones and apps are taking over the web.

For example:

  • ¼ of all cell phone users are carrying smartphones –  ¾ of all cell phone users have SMS embedded in their phones.
  • By 2014, there will be more web access from mobile phones than from desktop computers.
  • ½ of all Local searches are made from mobile phones.
  • 86% of TV watchers are using their smartphones while watching TV.
  • 29% of mobile phone users are open to scanning mobile tags for coupons while in stores.
  • 91% of mobile phone web access is social-related, compared to the 79% of social-related web access from computers.

Now that we’re aware of just how much mobile surfing there is going on, let’s look at how smartphones are being used:

  • Gaming
  • Catching the weather forecast
  • Searches and maps
  • Social networking
  • Listening to music
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Dining
  • Watching videos

In brief:

What we’re seeing is an increasing pool of mobile users and the consequent increase of mobile marketing. Companies are already planning ahead by preparing for the ultimate conversion from desktop and laptop computers to handheld mobile devices.

Don’t disappear – make an impression.

Small and medium-sized business need to prepare for the increasing mobile market just as badly as big corporations do. The mobile market is growing rapidly, and anyone who doesn’t keep up will lose a huge consumer base.

At HyperDo, we’re already keeping your business competitive now and in the future – we develop many of our clients’ sites with mobile phones in mind, and we’re developing cutting-edge apps, too. Check out our service pages to learn more about how we’re keeping you mobile. And if you have questions, ask ’em – we’ll answer ’em.

That way, when the PC falls off the desk, your company won’t.


Christopher Wendt

Christopher has over 15 years of experience building & scaling multiple businesses scanning various industries. At this time, he is currently offering private consulting to business owners.

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