Quantcast: Better Than Google Analytics

Quantification mechanics. The hardest part has been done for you already. 

It’s important to know who your audience is, because the success of your business (and of your website) rests completely on how effectively you reach them, and whether your connections are drawing website traffic.

Many factors determine demographics, however – so, to keep from guessing (and paying for the empty results), where do you go for the answers?

You need website analytics.

At HyperDo, we use Quantcast for calling in the audience and website hit stats. Quantcast uses state-of-the-art statistical tools to pinpoint who your audience is, their ethnicity, their age groups and much more. It also determines how frequently your site is being hit and by who.

All Quantcast data is measured in real time with IAB approved standards, and acquired through actual web traffic – not cookie – calculations.

Simply beyond Google analytics.

We’ll use Quantcast to keep tabs on your website’s traffic results, and use those results to generate more traffic. You want your site to be effective – so do we.

Christopher Wendt

Christopher has over 15 years of experience building & scaling multiple businesses scanning various industries. At this time, he is currently offering private consulting to business owners.

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