Live Event Streaming: A UStream Success

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Need Live Event Streaming?

You have a big event coming up, but there’s also a big catch: not everyone can come, and you are all looking forward to it. What you’d really like to have is live event streaming.

No worries. At HyperDo, we’re working for solutions to every issue – and we have just the right solution for this one. We UStream our clients’ events, embedding a reliable live event streaming feed into their sites so that everyone – no matter where they are – can attend.

Here’s how we handled the attendance issue for one of our clients…

Last Wed (April 18, 2012) was a big day for our clients at St. John’s Byzantine Cathedral, a Catholic church in the Pittsburgh area. The Metropolitan William C. Skurla was enthroned, and HyperDo was there to make sure the world saw it happen.

We took the live video feed from the videographer, and then monitored server load and streaming issues during the event. With UStream, HyperDo provided digital seating for audiences from 10 different states and 8 countries. The states and countries present were: Pennsylvania (762), Ohio (182), New Jersey (176), New York (112), Florida (96), California (83), Maryland (52), Illinois (46), Virginia (45), Arizona (43), Slovakia (399), Canada (30), Italy (28 total with 19 from Rome), Czech Republic (10), Ukraine (9), Poland (8), Spain (6) and Austria (5).

In total, HyperDo hosted virtual access for over 1,619 unique viewers from all over the world, with a steady 530 views at any given time. This accounts for a total of 1,785 hours, 21 mins and 28 seconds watched.

The event was available on tablets and smartphones.

The event went so well that UStream featured Metropolitan’s Skurla’s Enthronement as one of the “top-featured” live broadcasts for that day, and viewers gratefully praised the event’s success. That’s pretty good live event streaming, don’t you think?

If you missed the event or would like to experience it again, you can still watch the recorded broadcast on St. John’s website. An edited rebroadcast event is also expected to be shown by EWTN in May.

Like to know how HyperDo can provide unbeatable live event streaming of your event? Visit our UStream page to learn more or give us a call. We’ll be there, and your audience will be, too.

Christopher Wendt

Christopher has over 15 years of experience building & scaling multiple businesses scanning various industries. At this time, he is currently offering private consulting to business owners.

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