Rackspace: HyperDo’s Email Solution

Rackspace Email Hosting: From “Running Out of Space”…

You’ve become uncomfortably familiar with Gigs: your email software constantly asks you to compact and compress emails because you don’t have enough of them, but your company won’t allow you to delete any records for a minimum of 7 years. You’re quickly running out of megabyte space…so what now?

You need a searchable archive.  You need the ability to save and retrieve all your records. Thankfully, HyperDo has found the solution.

…to “Racking up the Space.”

Low-cost and long-term, Rackspace is email hosting strategy at its best. For $2 per mailbox, Rackspace provides you with an archive system you can integrate with your favorite desktop software (Outlook®, Thunderbird®, Entourage® or any other POP/IMAP clients), minus the downloading or installation. It’s securely hosted on the internet, so your email is always and quickly accessible. It’s also completely searchable, so you can retrieve every email that you archive.

Rackspace gives you the controls: you manage your account and control panel, so you can stick with ‘em or leave ‘em. You know the costs and services in detail, upfront.

You can share your email with any other authorized Rackspace user, and it’s mobile: take it with you on your Smartphone or iPad. That means 10GB mailboxes with 10 year storage capacity, available anytime and anywhere.

Getting through Customs.

The security level is high, too. Rackspace uses the latest SSL encryption to protect your sensitive email records from hackers. Should you run into any problems, Fanatical Support® is available by phone, chat or ticket 24/7, 365 days a year to resolve them.

Email has 50MB of space, so whether you’re sending video, audio or image content, your email is guaranteed to deliver it smoothly and instantly. No more freezing.

No long-term contracts, no software downloads, no spam – just space.

Rackspace provides these benefits and much more. If you think of a need, they probably already have an answer. At HyperDo, we believe they are a great alternative to Google Apps where email is concerned.

Just drop us a line.

Christopher Wendt

Christopher has over 15 years of experience building & scaling multiple businesses scanning various industries. At this time, he is currently offering private consulting to business owners.

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