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Valid CodeIt’s more than an expression. It’s valid code.

There is always the possibility of error in code, whether it’s HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, or any other type used in web development. The wrong key at the wrong time can skew your website’s appearance and function, and while one code may appear perfectly in one browser, it may look bedraggled in the next. If you don’t have valid code, you don’t have a beautiful, functioning site.

You want your site to perform beautifully wherever and however it’s viewed, and HyperDo will ensure that it does. During the website development process, we will test your site using such validation services as W3C Markup Validation. If there’s a glitch we’ll find, correct and deliver it before you can say “valid.”

Should you or your content manager accidentally insert wrong code after we’ve given you the keys to your site, HyperDo will gladly smooth out any errors.

Call us anytime – we’d love to answer your coding questions.

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