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Reach your market. Build your network.

Social Media is vital to your company’s online presence and success. HyperDo provides you with the tools to build an effective, always up-to-date online social network in an efficient, straightforward manner.

Facebook it.

Facebook is a huge social media network, and allowing you to acquire and update customers, post product and build a network of friends and clients. With its basic, easy-to-use format, Facebook will keep your company and its customers connected and up-to-date.

HyperDo will create a sharp Facebook page so that you can:

  • Maintain a company profile, upload photos, offer specials, post and sell products
  • Post updates that alert customers to new product and news releases
  • Build a network of customers whose interactions with your company will appear on their profiles
  • Build your presence in one of the largest social networks on the web

You can check out a sample below.

HootSuite it.

HyperDo is partnered with the network dashboard HootSuite, a platform from which you can manage several social networks at once from one place. HootSuite saves you time and energy, providing a single channel that updates and generates reports on all the others.

We partner with HootSuite because of its simple yet powerful media. With them you can:

  • Maintain and update several social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, from one platform
  • Track and generate reports on consumer interest and following, and share these reports with coworkers and employees
  • With one password, share update and administration power with other users
  • Maintain your social network anytime, from anywhere – HootSuite has mobile applications, making updates and reports instant and easy

These days, most humans are tweeting.

Twitter is the 140-word-update phenomenon that has taken much of the web by storm. This social media allows users to share news, stories, images, videos and other information with a quick flutter of the fingers. Companies use it to share news with their target audience, musicians to update their fans…the list goes on and on.

Twitter will enable you to do the same with your target audience. HyperDo will integrate your website with this powerful tool so that you, too, can update like a pro. Gain followers and keep them in the know with a Twitter feed on your site.

Stay Connected. Stay Competitive.

HyperDo will help you build your social network at an affordable, competitive rate. Give us a call, and learn how to reach your market today!

[toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”white” title_closed=”See the Case Study” title_open=”Hide the Case Study”]We can’t stress it enough.

Building a social network is integral to the success of your site. Integrating your CMS with social media generates traffic and exposure that your site would otherwise never see.

Take the Marriage Matters blog, for example. Each of their posts is stocked with social icons.



We have options here: Facebook, Twitter, Facebook like, Google public recommends, and a green “share” tab to provide email and Yahoo sharing options as well.

Let’s pick one. If you click on the Facebook icon, for example, you see this:



Click on the “Share Link” button in the bottom right corner, and your friends will immediately see the link when they log into their own Facebook account and scroll down the homepage. When they click on it, it directs them to the Marriage Matters blog article. You’ve just become a traffic guide – you’ve introduced someone new to a great site.

This can happen to your website, too. Social media is a powerful tool. Ask us today how to start using it to boost the volume to your site.

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