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DIYSEO – Building Your Web Presence. One Search at a Time.

HyperDo is partnered with the online resource DIYSEO, or “do-it-yourself-SEO.” This website provides small companies with the tools needed to direct traffic and raise search rankings with all the major directories and search engines. All for a much lower price than hiring a SEO expert.

How it works…

  • DIYSEO alerts its user to the wealth of online directories and search engine resources – and how to use them. This is supremely beneficial to you.
  • DIYSEO increases traffic by utilizing keywords. Search-engines use these keywords to direct traffic towards your website. It also allows you to measure your competition and the climb your company makes in search-engine ranking.
  • DIYSEO simplifies and divides required tasks according to a Plan, Act and Measure arrangement. The tasks are generally simple, and the site is easy to navigate. The more tasks you complete, the better presence your company will achieve on the web.

As a result of using of using DIYSEO, we have seen some of our clients climb to the first Google page for targeted keywords in less than 60 days.

Positive Results.

For a mere $50 a month, DIYSEO software will ultimately give your company the affordable exposure it needs. And for a set retainer per month (not included in the $50 fee), HyperDo will manage the SEO for you.

Or, if you prefer, we can also place the keys of SEO in your hands, giving you control over this resource.

SEnding Out the SEO.

We had been working to build a network for the Smart Lighting Shop, but to increase the site’s web presence even further, HyperDo provided SEO services by building links and optimizing the site for search engines. We set them up with DIY SEO and took over the preliminary tasks, developing and integrating keywords into the site’s meta description and copy content. The site is integrated with sitemaps, making it searchable by Google and other search engines.

We’ll prime your site for success, too. Just let us know when.

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