QR Codes

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Save the ink and paper.

QR (or “quick response”) codes are essentially 2D bar codes which can be read by your smartphone. Scanning a QR from your smartphone allows you to access a website from your phone or to save its URL for later access. It’s the quick and efficient way of maintaining access to the web without requiring the pen and paper.

QR codes have rapidly and conveniently placed the web in the hands of smartphone and mobile apps users, making them indispensable to grabbing the attention of even the busiest customers.

The Q’s and R’s.

HyperDo provides your company with its own QR codes so that, even if a customer doesn’t have the time or the setting to access your website and product, your product is never lost to them. They can snap a picture of the code with their phones and either reach your business then or save the pleasure for later.

HyperDo will ensure that your QR codes are embedded in all your advertisements, business cards, company letterheads and product. Basically, wherever your promotional materials are found, so are the Q’s and R’s.

Place your product in their hands and their business in yours.

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