How Websites are Talking Back: Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignOne site fits all.

Owing to a six-speed shift into mobile phone marketing and app development, it makes sense that websites should not only match their desktop Yoda but their mobile protégés as well.

Enter Responsive Web Design.

Responsive Web Design is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the design of websites which actively respond to browsers on both desktops and mobile devices. In other words, whether you’re surfing from your desk or iPhone, responsive websites will acknowledge both and adjust accordingly. Continue reading

How to Make Your Site Make You Money: 10 Steps You Need to Follow

Behind every successful website is a loyal audience.

People who are attracted to and believe in your product will follow you anywhere – and they’ll promote you among their friends, too. So how do you gain this kind of audience?

We’ll breeze through 10 basic steps of keeping (and growing) your audience based on Mashable’s infographic on an engaged audience, starting with

  • Value: You have a great product – show your audience what makes it great. If they don’t see the value here, they’ll look for it somewhere else. Continue reading

Future of the Web, Part One: Who’s Doing What on the Web

It’s time to look at mobile marketing.

The future of the web isn’t coming – it’s here. Thanks to Microsoft’s recent infograph, there are some quick facts and numbers regarding mobile users and how they’re using the web. You’ll want to pay attention because mobile phones and apps are taking over the web.

For example:

  • ¼ of all cell phone users are carrying smartphones –  ¾ of all cell phone users have SMS embedded in their phones.
  • By 2014, there will be more web access from mobile phones than from desktop computers. Continue reading

Did the LinkedIn Security Breach Affect You?

Website SecurityThe monsters under the bed turned out to be hackers.
Size doesn’t matter. When it comes to web attacks, hackers don’t only assault the big guys – they go for the little guys, too. Their methods can be effective at smothering both.

Let’s take LinkedIn for example.

On June 6, 2012 (yesterday), LinkedIn, a professional social network of over 161 million members, admitted to having a data breach. About 6 million passwords were stolen. It remains to be seen whether LinkedIn will lose still more data – damage reports confirmed that the attack was made from inside the network, and a security researcher reported that the hackers might still be inside.

Although big guys like LinkedIn are bright targets for such hostile attention, hackers are known for striking anyone, anywhere. Your website is no exception. Are you prepared to handle monsters? Continue reading

Keyword Optimization

The Apples of Your Site.

Apples grow on trees – web traffic doesn’t. But with a little work and keyword dexterity, you will draw the attention of your target audience. It just takes some cultivation.


SEO (search engine optimization) development is a process, but it’s a rewarding movement in the right direction. The more time you spend with honing key words and bulking up your metadata with them, the easier it will be for search engines like Google to find you. Better search-ability = more web traffic. Continue reading

Quantcast: Better Than Google Analytics

Quantification mechanics. The hardest part has been done for you already. 

It’s important to know who your audience is, because the success of your business (and of your website) rests completely on how effectively you reach them, and whether your connections are drawing website traffic.

Many factors determine demographics, however – so, to keep from guessing (and paying for the empty results), where do you go for the answers?

You need website analytics. Continue reading

Live Event Streaming: A UStream Success

Live Event Stream

Click to view a recording of the live event stream.

Need Live Event Streaming?

You have a big event coming up, but there’s also a big catch: not everyone can come, and you are all looking forward to it. What you’d really like to have is live event streaming.

No worries. At HyperDo, we’re working for solutions to every issue – and we have just the right solution for this one. We UStream our clients’ events, embedding a reliable live event streaming  feed into their sites so that everyone – no matter where they are – can attend.

Here’s how we handled the attendance issue for one of our clients… Continue reading

Who Won the Gift Card?

Amazon Gift CardCongratulations to Phillip Harold of Steubenville OH, professor at Robert Morris University, who won the $50 gift card to Amazon!

We’ll be sending to it to you in the mail shortly! (Hope it’s some consolation to you on Tax Day, Phil!)

We are very grateful to everyone who entered the drawing. Better luck next time, everyone! (There’s always the Mega Millions…)

Why is WordPress the most downloaded CMS?

We don’t believe in boring reports.

So, we provided you with the nuggets of the 2011 CMS report. Briefly.

WordPress is downloaded and installed more than any other CMS. Why?

WP has proven itself to be one of the easiest CMS’s to use. Can you say “breeze”? Because WP is structured around a “drag-and-drop” media interface and easy navigability, it’s that easy. Continue reading

Rackspace: HyperDo’s Email Solution

Rackspace Email Hosting: From “Running Out of Space”…

You’ve become uncomfortably familiar with Gigs: your email software constantly asks you to compact and compress emails because you don’t have enough of them, but your company won’t allow you to delete any records for a minimum of 7 years. You’re quickly running out of megabyte space…so what now?

You need a searchable archive.  You need the ability to save and retrieve all your records. Thankfully, HyperDo has found the solution. Continue reading