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Crisis Magazine is dedicated to forming the consciences and intellects of Catholics on pressing issues through articles, analysis and discussion of current events. When one of their articles was featured on the Drudge Report it received tens of thousands of hits, directing a deluge of traffic to the site. To exceed the demands of an ever-changing, ever-improving web culture, Crisis Magazine wanted to upgrade: they needed a new, dynamic website that would retain its appearance while continuing to effectively engage and inform Catholics. They also wanted to import seven years’ worth of articles and comments.

To maintain the look and feel of Crisis Magazine’s old site and to meet their specific goals, HyperDo built a WordPress site from the ground up and tweaked CSS down to the pixel. We worked closely with Crisis Magazine to develop a theme and CMS that met their requirements and supported the massive data migration. HyperDo brought over 5,000 articles and 67,000 comments from the Joomla! to the WordPress platform, focusing on a categorical display of posts and topics and adopting a magazine-style theme.

HyperDo also integrated Crisis Magazine with a donation gateway, Catholic Payment Systems, which provides donors with an easy, secure and option-packed system.

Finally, using WordPress Touch Pro, we developed a web app for Crisis Magazine, enabling the site to go mobile: it loads quickly and the content displays beautifully on iPhones, iPads and Androids.

HyperDo developed this customized, magazine-themed website to fulfill their vision, using the following platform:

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