What are Your Customers Thinking?

6 Quick n’ Easy Steps to Making Customer Surveys with SurveyMonkey

Surveys are an excellent way of collecting feedback, improving experience and gathering research in the same breath. Your customers will feel valued, and you will learn something valuable. At HyperDo, we’re fans of SurveyMonkey, a comprehensive – and affordable – tool for accomplishing all of the above.

Following these six steps and using SurveyMonkey will guide improvements in customer relations and website content in a quick, simple manner:

1. Analyze the analytics. Use your Google analytics to see your top pages and/or posts. They’re popular because they’re answering questions and (hopefully) providing turn-over. Use these items to narrow down the most relevant topics of interest. Continue reading

Did the LinkedIn Security Breach Affect You?

Website SecurityThe monsters under the bed turned out to be hackers.
Size doesn’t matter. When it comes to web attacks, hackers don’t only assault the big guys – they go for the little guys, too. Their methods can be effective at smothering both.

Let’s take LinkedIn for example.

On June 6, 2012 (yesterday), LinkedIn, a professional social network of over 161 million members, admitted to having a data breach. About 6 million passwords were stolen. It remains to be seen whether LinkedIn will lose still more data – damage reports confirmed that the attack was made from inside the network, and a security researcher reported that the hackers might still be inside.

Although big guys like LinkedIn are bright targets for such hostile attention, hackers are known for striking anyone, anywhere. Your website is no exception. Are you prepared to handle monsters? Continue reading

Quantcast: Better Than Google Analytics

Quantification mechanics. The hardest part has been done for you already. 

It’s important to know who your audience is, because the success of your business (and of your website) rests completely on how effectively you reach them, and whether your connections are drawing website traffic.

Many factors determine demographics, however – so, to keep from guessing (and paying for the empty results), where do you go for the answers?

You need website analytics. Continue reading